Low-Voltage PIR/Ultrasonic Sensors

Wall Mounted

Wall-Mounted Occupancy Sensors

Key Features & Benefits

  • State of the Art Sensors: Large lens area for Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor and optional Ultrasonic (U/S) sensor provides a wide variety of space coverage options.
  • Models optimized for specific applications:
    • Long Range: Supports major-motion coverage out to 100 feet.
    • High Bay Aisle: Supports mounting heights up to 30 feet with coverage out to 55 feet (at 20 foot mounting height).
    • Flexible Base Mounting: Easy wall or ceiling mount with low-voltage connection and twist-lock attachment for 360° directional flexibility.
    • Flexible Timer Settings: Automatic – 30 seconds - 30 minutes. Includes installer test mode with 6 seconds auto exit programming.
  • Adaptive Learning with Local Protected Memory: Sensor self-calibrates to optimize performance and retains settings during power interruptions.
  • Low Voltage Operation: Uses ENCELIUM EXTEND PPK Series Power Pack with Class 2, 24 volt wiring. Multiple sensors can control single or multiple power packs.
  • Convenient AC Power Base Adapter Option: Make any ENCELIUM EXTEND low-voltage ceiling sensor a line-voltage sensor and avoid bulky external power-packs. (see PBA-015)
  • Integrated Daylight Hold-OFF Light Sensor: Avoid wasting energy when there is enough natural light.
  • Auto-Adapting Mode: Sensor’s digital system continually analyzes and adjusts the sensitivity and time delay.
  • Walk-Through Mode: Provides increased energy savings by decreasing the time delay to 2.5 minutes when someone momentarily walks through the monitored space.


  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Day care centers
  • Executive and private offices (U/S model)
  • Filing rooms
  • Hallways (PIR model)
  • Loading docks (PIR model)
  • Offices with cubicles
  • Open areas
  • Open warehouses
  • Parking garages (PIR model)
  • Partitioned restrooms
  • Stairwells (PIR model)
  • Storage rooms
  • Workspaces

Modern occupancy sensors use digital technology to ensure that the occupants in a room have light when they are present and that lighting energy is saved when the room is unoccupied.

Depending on the application, either single technology or multi-technology sensors are appropriate to maximize occupant and energy manager satisfaction.

ENCELIUM EXTEND single-technology Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors are a cost-effective option for small and large spaces when major motion is available. The multi-technology option adds an active Ultrasonic (U/S) sensor to the PIR sensor to increase minor motion sensitivity in critical applications like single-occupant offices and restrooms.

OSRAM offers digital lighting solutions that may qualify for commercial lighting rebates on new construction or retrofit projects. Learn more about commercial lighting incentives and qualifying OSRAM products at www.osram.us/incentives.

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