Wall-Mounted Low-Voltage Occupancy Sensors

Wall-Mounted Occupancy Sensors

Key Features & Benefits

  • State of the Art Sensors: Large lens area for Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor and optional Ultrasonic (U/S) sensor provides a wide variety of space coverage options.
  • Models optimized for specific applications:
    • Long Range: Supports major-motion coverage out to 100 feet.
    • High Bay Aisle: Supports mounting heights up to 30 feet with coverage out to 55 feet (at 20 foot mounting height).
    • Flexible Base Mounting: Easy wall or ceiling mount with low-voltage connection and twist-lock attachment for 360° directional flexibility.
    • Flexible Timer Settings: Automatic – 30 seconds - 30 minutes. Includes installer test mode with 6 seconds auto exit programming.
  • Adaptive Learning with Local Protected Memory: Sensor self-calibrates to optimize performance and retains settings during power interruptions.
  • Low Voltage Operation: Uses ENCELIUM PPK Series Power Pack with Class 2, 24 volt wiring. Multiple sensors can control single or multiple power packs.
  • Convenient AC Power Base Adapter Option: Make any ENCELIUM low-voltage ceiling sensor a line-voltage sensor and avoid bulky external power-packs. (see PBA-015)
  • Integrated Daylight Hold-OFF Light Sensor: Avoid wasting energy when there is enough natural light.
  • Auto-Adapting Mode: Sensor’s digital system continually analyzes and adjusts the sensitivity and time delay.
  • Walk-Through Mode: Provides increased energy savings by decreasing the time delay to 2.5 minutes when someone momentarily walks through the monitored space.


  • Cafeterias
  • Classrooms
  • Computer rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Day care centers
  • Executive and private offices (U/S model)
  • Filing rooms
  • Hallways (PIR model)
  • Loading docks (PIR model)
  • Offices with cubicles
  • Open areas
  • Open warehouses
  • Parking garages (PIR model)
  • Partitioned restrooms
  • Stairwells (PIR model)
  • Storage rooms
  • Workspaces

Modern occupancy sensors use digital technology to ensure that the occupants in a room have light when they are present and that lighting energy is saved when the room is unoccupied.

Depending on the application, either single technology or multi-technology sensors are appropriate to maximize occupant and energy manager satisfaction.

ENCELIUM single-technology Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensors are a cost-effective option for small and large spaces when major motion is available. The multi-technology option adds an active Ultrasonic (U/S) sensor to the PIR sensor to increase minor motion sensitivity in critical applications like single-occupant offices and restrooms.


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