Relay Panel Control Module (RPCM)

Relay Panel and Relay Panel Module

Key Features & Benefits

  • Data Specification: Connects to the polarity independent ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System via two ports that accept GreenBus II® Communication Bus
  • Rated for indoor use
  • Maximum of 24 relays per Relay Panel Module. Multiple relay panel modules can be connected together to accommodate requirements above 24 relays
  • Install in accordance with all applicable national and local electrical and building codes
  • FCC Part 15, Class A/ICES-003, Class A
  • UL916 (Energy Management Equipment), Emergency rated Relay Panels also meet UL924 (Emergency Lighting Equipment

Relay Panel
The Relay Panel is an addressable lighting control panel that fully integrates with the ENCELIUM EXTEND Networked Light Management System (LMS). The ENCELIUM EXTEND Relay Panel allows each relay to be individually controlled and configured to best meet the needs of the facility. Energy management strategies such as smart time scheduling, occupancy control and daylight harvesting can be deployed through the use of the relay panel. Each relay can be addressed as an individual zone or as part of a larger zone and is controlled through the Polaris 3D® software. Navigation is made easy through a floor plan based three-dimensional graphical interface. Multiple panels can be daisy chained as part of the overall ENCELIUM EXTEND architecture through the GreenBus II® communication network. This is the perfect solution for applications where individual fixture control or dimming is not required.

Relay Panel Module
The Relay Panel Module is an electronic retrofit module that enables existing relay panels/boxes to be integrated with the ENCELIUM EXTEND Networked Light Management System. The Relay Panel Module can be installed in most standard relay panels utilizing existing electrical wiring and relays. It is mounted in the center of the existing panel (replaces old circuiting) and is wired to the existing relays in the panel. This allows each relay to be addressed individually and provides all of the benefits of using the Relay Panel Module and Polaris 3D control software.

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