GreenBus II® Class 2 Communication Bus

ENCELIUM GreenBus II Network

Key Features & Benefits

  • Class 2 communication bus pre-terminated with connectors
  • Available lengths: 0.5 ft., 1 ft., 5 ft., 10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., 25 ft. 50 ft. and 1,000 ft. lengths; custom lengths available
  • Topology independent connection
  • Flame rated jacket for plenum use NFPA 262 (UL: FT6, CSA: CMP)
  • Supports DALI Ballasts for Class 1 installations*
  • Typical number of devices (nodes) per channel: 100 (if DALI ballasts are included then 64 DALI devices and 36 0-10V devices)

The GreenBus II bus system is a communication technology designed specifically for controlling lighting to achieve maximum energy savings and optimum lighting comfort

GreenBus II enables cost effective, individual dimming control of thousands of fixtures in a building and integrates peripheral devices such as occupancy sensors, photo sensors, relay-based controls, switch packs and low voltage wall controls into a complete, programmable lighting control system. Each GreenBus II channel originates at an ENCELIUM EXTEND Manager and typically propagates in a daisy-chain fashion from device to device, although it is topology free and “T” connections are acceptable.

GreenBus II is a Class 2 network, which provides low voltage power to all devices on the network eliminating the need for external power supplies and power packs for devices such as occupancy sensors.

GreenBus II allows flexible daisy chain wiring topologies and the ability to add fixtures or control devices in-circuit at any time. Different devices may be connected randomly on the network and special termination of each network channel is not required. Automatic addressing of individual nodes during system commissioning simplifies installation by eliminating the need to pre-address devices or record serial numbers during the process.


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