Low Voltage Wallstation

ENCELIUM GreenBus II Wallstation

Key Features & Benefits

  • Standard wall mount for easy installation
  • Versatile and flexible
    • Simple 2 Button - ON/OFF/DIM; Multi Scene control; Multi Zone control with dimming
  • Scene and Zone control can be mixed on a single wallstation
    • Hybrid control solutions now have single wallstation appearance for wired and wireless
  • Sleek aesthetic design with single-gang wallplate provided or can be used with Decorator-style wall plates
  • Custom button labels available
  • Button kits ship separately

The GreenBus II Low Voltage Wallstations are an integral part of the ENCELIUM EXTEND Networked Light Management System (LMS) and are available as a simple two (2) button wallstation, a scene or a zone Wallstation. The wallstations are configurable wall mounted devices that provide local ON/OFF or dimming control over lighting zones. Utilizing a standard single gang form factor, the wallstations are low voltage lighting devices that connect to the ENCELIUM EXTEND Networked LMS through GreenBus II cable with 2-pin connectors.

Two Button Wallstation (EN-WS-2B)
The Two Button Wallstation is a single zone lighting controller ideal for small conference rooms, private offices and other spaces where multi-zone control is not required. A short press of the upper/lower buttons turns lighting ON/OFF, while a “press and hold” dims lighting up or down.

Scene Dimming Wallstation (SCX)
The multi-scene, single zone dimming wallstation provides customized light level control in areas such as boardrooms, conference rooms, private offices and other areas requiring architectural dimming. The SCX allows the user to select pre-programmed light levels or “scenes” by the push of a button.

Multi-zone Wallstation (ZCX)
The multi-zone wallstation is configurable and provides ON/OFF switching for multiple lighting zones. It is usually located at entry points to a floor or department and is used to “activate” or “de-activate” a lighting zone.

Each wallstation can be set-up with zones/scenes and modified through the Polaris 3D® software interface. The buttons can be configured to zone or scene control in the software. A wallstation can be configured to have both zones and scenes on the same device. The status is indicated by an LED display on each button with white indicating ON and blue indicating OFF.

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