Energy Control Unit G4

Key Features & Benefits

  • 8 GreenBus II® channel ports, 22.5VDC, Class II
  • Tenant LAN Access USB 2.0 Port
  • ENCELIUM EXTEND Energy Control Network Port – Ethernet 1-/100BaseTx Cat. 5 RJ45 port
  • Configuration stored in non-volatile flash memory
  • USB 2.0 port on the front of the unit to restore or back up database from USB drive (should only be used with instruction from ENCELIUM EXTEND personnel)
  • 8 channel communication status LEDs on the front of the unit

The fourth generation ENCELIUM® EXTEND Manager is a rack or wall mounted control device that collects, processes, and distributes lighting control information to ENCELIUM EXTEND control modules, wall controllers, and other devices over the GreenBus II network.

Each Manager features eight GreenBus II communication channels and typically controls 100 nodes per channel (8 x 100 = 800 nodes in total).

The Manager is the central intelligence point in the system. It collects signal information from photo sensors (light levels), occupancy sensors (occupancy status) and wall mounted lighting controllers. It then determines appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each fixture and zone. Photo sensors do not directly control light levels but rather are connected to the GreenBus II network and provide light level information to the Manager. The Manager then determines what action to take based on the status signals from the sensors.

Each Manager has one Ethernet and USB port for Network connections. The Ethernet port is for communication with other Managers and the SSU on the ENCELIUM EXTEND Network. The USB port (using a USB to Ethernet adapter) can be used for communication with a facility or tenant’s Local Area Network (LAN) to allow secure communication with ENCELIUM Equipment for access to the Polaris 3D® or Personal Control Software (PCS) applications. Managers are typically located in the electrical room or communication closet on each floor of a building and are connected to a network switch using standard Ethernet connections.

Service & Support

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