OPTOTRONIC® Outdoor Programmable LED Drivers

Dimmable, Constant Current LED Drivers

OPTOTRONIC Outdoor Driver

Key Features & Benefits

  • Programmable with 1mA resolution to perfectly match LED load and maximize performance
  • Dimming down to 10% on 0-10V dimmers
  • Integrated OEM programmable features include
    • AstroDIM
    • Constant lumen maintenance
    • LED thermal protection
  • Programming doesn't require powering up or connecting the power supply to AC line voltage
  • High levels of line transient protection for outdoor applications (6kV)
  • UL Damp and Wet Rated
  • IP66 Rated
  • Available in both
    • Universal Input Voltage 120-277VAC 50/60Hz
    • 347-480VAC 50/60Hz


  • Architectural building mounted
  • Bollards
  • Cobra heads
  • Decorative landscape lighting
  • Industrial high bay
  • Mini wall packs
  • Shoe box

Additional Information

- View Full Suite of OPTOTRONIC Drivers
- Quick Access to OPTOTRONIC Configuration Tool

The OPTOTRONIC programmable dimmable family consists of highly efficient, constant current LED drivers for outdoor applications. One click programming through the OPTOTRONIC Programmer allows OEMs to configure the output current with 1mA resolution. Also fully customizable by the OEM are the proprietary OSRAM AstroDIM and LEDset features. AstroDIM is autonomous dimming for night-time power reduction based on an internal timer that can be set for an entire year. The LEDset feature automatically sets the output current based on the module that is connected.

These drivers are available in dimming to 10% with built-in 0-10V dimming, enables direct integration and operation with standard dimmers, sensors, as well as energy and light-management systems.

Product Recognition

2020 IES Progress Report Award

2020 IES Progress Report Award

OPTOTRONIC Programmable OTi200W Outdoor LED Driver

IES Illuminating Engineering Society


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