What is DEXAL® Technology?

OSRAM DEXAL® Technology is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface (based on DALI) that provides bi-directional communication and power between an OSRAM DEXAL LED driver and a fixture-integrated component. DEXAL (DALI) Technology is a simplified option of creating smart, connected fixtures that are proven compatible with industry-leading light management systems, and that will support future data-driven applications that require exact (not estimated) luminaire data.

OSRAM Digital Systems is the first in the industry to achieve D4i certification on both indoor and outdoor DALI/DEXAL LED drivers (indoor: OTi30, OTi50, OTi85 and outdoor: OTi60). The D4i certification of our DALI/DEXAL LED drivers allow for new opportunities to create smart, connected fixtures when paired with D4i certified sensors. Our DEXAL Partners and their sensors have been certified by OSRAM.

Manufacturers that adopt OPTOTRONIC drivers with DEXAL (DALI) are able to support multiple projects requiring bi-directional communications using one driver. It’s that simple. One driver for multiple projects, even if each project specifies a different light management system.