OPTOTRONIC® Indoor Linear Driver with DEXAL® Technology

An intra-luminaire, bi-directional digital communications interface (DALI)

OPTOTRONIC Programmable Driver with DEXAL

Key Features & Benefits

  • OTi30W, OTi50W & OTi85W are D4i and DALI certified
  • Two-way DALI communication and power between driver and fixture integrated components
  • Helps streamline luminaire configuration and manufacturing process (one driver can support multiple LMS)
  • Enables exact luminaire-specific data including:
    • Power consumption
    • Temperature profile
    • Operating hours
    • Diagnostics
  • OEM Programmable with 1mA resolution to perfectly match LED load and maximize performance
  • Integrated OEM programmable features include:
    • Constant lumen maintenance
    • End-of-life indication
    • LED thermal protection
    • Dim-to-off
    • Soft start
  • Programming doesn't require powering up or connecting the power supply to AC line voltage
  • Specification grade dimming down to 1%
  • Slim form factors
  • Input voltage:
    • Universal 120-277VAC 50/60Hz
  • UL Class 2 output for safe operation


  • Indirect/direct
  • Linear
  • Recessed troffer

Additional Information

The OSRAM OPTOTRONIC LED Programmable Driver with DEXAL Technology, is a non-proprietary, intra-luminaire interface that enables bi-directional communications (DALI) between the driver and the fixture integrated component. It provides exact luminaire-specific data, including diagnostics, to light management systems. Fixture manufacturers can design smart fixtures and streamline the configuration process by leveraging DEXAL (DALI) as a standard bi-directional communications interface.

The OPTOTRONIC OTi30W, OTi50W and OTi85W DEXAL Indoor Linear Drivers are D4i certified.

Product Recognition

OPTOTRONIC Indoor Linear Drivers are D4i Certified

D4i Certified Product

OPTOTRONIC Indoor Linear LED Drivers

OSRAM Digital Systems Americas is the first in the industry to achieve D4i Certification for both indoor and outdoor LED drivers.

ADEX Platinum 2018

Design Journal Award for Design Excellence

2018 Product Innovation Award

Architectural SSL Magazine

2018 Product Innovation Award


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