PrevaLED® Performance

Linear, bar and area high efficacy LED modules for diffuse ambient lighting

PrevaLED Linear Product Family

Key Features & Benefits

  • High efficacy LED Modules
  • Parallel design for serial wiring
  • Poke in wire connectors
  • Operate on single or multi channel power supplies
  • Delivers even and diffuse light
  • Thermally independent requiring no additional heat sinking
  • Color variation within MacAdam 3-step ellipse
  • Compatible with dimming systems
  • Alternative to fluorescent sources
  • Service life: Greater than 60,000 hours
  • (L70) minimizing maintenance frequency
  • Optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® constant current LED drivers


  • Accent lighting
  • Decorative lighting
  • General lighting
  • Office lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Undercabinet lighting

Additional Resources

Light Engine Designer Tool

The PrevaLED Performance LED module family, consisting of linear, bar and area boards, offers innovative solutions for a variety of ambient lighting applications. The boards consist of multiple low-power, high efficacy LEDs in a precise layout eliminating the need for supplemental heat sinking and delivering up to 177 lumens per watt in a variety of color temperatures. The boards produce an even and diffuse light that reduces the need for multiple optical layers, simplifying the luminaire design and maximizing optical efficiency. These modules offer a long life, energy efficient, and economical alternative to linear fluorescent sources.

The PrevaLED Performance LED Modules are designed for optimum performance when paired with OPTOTRONIC® constant current power supplies for maximum system efficiency and life expectancy.


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