LINEARlight FLEX® Protect Colormix

Flexible Colormixing LED Module – Indoor and Outdoor

LINEARlight FLEX®  Protect Colormix

Key Features & Benefits

  • Flexible circuit board with self-adhesive backing allows for easy installation in complex contours
  • Low profile module enables mounting in compact spaces
  • Each multi LED contains an individually powered red, green and blue chip; this unique method of colormixing achieves excellent color consistency and uniformity
  • Modules can be field cut at every fifth LED to achieve a customized fit
  • 120° Beam angle
  • LEDs are closely spaced to minimize hot spots in shallow installations
  • Dimmable by pulse width modulation, a method that maintains consistent lumen output and color
  • Two versions are available:
    • Advanced: higher lumens
    • Protect: encapsulated IP67 rated for outdoor use


  • Accent lighting
  • Colormixing
  • Controlled color sequencing
  • Cove lighting
  • Custom color applications
  • Edge lighting

The LINEARlight FLEX Colormix family is available in two varieties: Advanced and Protect to offer flexibility in luminaire design.

The Advanced version is available in 13.1 ft with a total lumen output of 1883 (Red – 645, Green – 1025, Blue – 213). The encapsulated Protect version is 13.1 ft with a total lumen output of 1700 (Red – 625, Green – 525, Blue – 467). This version is IP67 rated ensuring protection against dust, moisture, and condensation for outdoor operation.

These modules can be cut at every fifth LED at designated cut points for a custom fit for each installation. The major benefit to these modules is the ability to supply uninterrupted power from a single feed point through the entire reel.

The LINEARlight FLEX Colormix family is optimally paired for operation on OPTOTRONIC® 24Vdc power supplies and control, and such systems are covered by a 5-year system warranty.

The LINEARlight FLEX Colormix Advanced and Protect products are part of a UL2108 listed system allowing for direct install into applications. For more information on the components of this listed system please refer to the application note LED311.


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