Key Features & Benefits

  • 32.8 feet (10m) reel can be operated from one power feed
  • Flexible and cuttable every 3.94" (100mm)
  • Improved self-adhesive backside for easy and reliable mounting
  • High quality single-piece PCB from continuous reel-to-reel production for improved reliability
  • Current control technology for constant brightness along the module
  • Extra-long life: 50,000 hours (L70B50)
  • Optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® 24V power supplies


  • Architectural lighting
  • Display lighting
  • Edge lighting
  • Handrail lighting
  • Object lighting
  • Shop lighting

Add subtle accents or attention grabbing highlights: The LINEARlight FLEX LF400 is designed to deliver the right amount of illumination for ambient and accent lighting. They are ideal for borders, displays, coves, under cabinets and edge lighting in straight runs or curves with a radius as tight as 0.78in. With a choice of color temperatures you can easily match the light to the surroundings and achieve your lighting vision. Use them with our 24V OPTOTRONIC drivers and optional accessory track and lenses to get the most out of this versatile system.


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