BackLED® Plus

LED Chain Signage Modules

BackLED Plus Chain LED Modules

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cuttable, single board chain of LED modules with flexible connection cables
  • The 150° distribution of our Flat-Ray Technology ensures a bright, uniformly illuminated sign face
  • Ideal for shallower signs – 3"-6" deep
  • BackLED L Plus is designed for large stroke letters with high brightness requirements
  • BackLED M Plus is designed for medium to smaller sized channel letters
  • BackLED M Plus is available in either white or red LEDs
  • Fully intergrated heat sink
  • IP66 rated to protect against dust, moisture, and condensation in outdoor operation
  • Fast accurate installation is simplified through pre-mounted adhesive tape and mounting holes
  • Optimal operation on OPTOTRONIC® 12VDC and 12VDC dimmable power supplies
  • Backed by a 7-year system warranty when paired with OPTOTRONIC 12Vdc and 12Vdc dimmable power supplies.


  • Backlighting of small, medium or large channel letters
  • Signage and illuminated advertising

The BackLED Plus family of LED chain modules are ideal products to illuminate channel letter signage with shallower depth faces. These modules utilize Flat-Ray Technology to ensure uniform illumination at the sign face, even at minimal depths. They are available in two sizes and four color temperatures to meet the requirements of any application. The BackLED L Plus modules are designed for high brightness requirements in large stroke letters. They ship in 21 foot chains consisting of 32 modules each with 3 LEDs. The BackLED M Plus are available in white and red and are designed for medium to smaller sized channel letters. They ship in 20 foot chains consisting of 40 modules each with 3 LEDs.

All modules are connected via flexible cables and are cuttable, single board creating a custom fit for each installation. Fast, accurate installation is simplified through pre-mounted adhesive tape and mounting holes. These modules are IP66 rated creating a seal against dust and moisture.

All BackLED Plus modules are optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® 12VDC power supplies, available in both dimming and non-dimming models. These modules are listed in the UL Sign Components Manual (SAM) for new signage installations and are UL Classified for retrofit installations when paired with our OPTOTRONIC power supplies.


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