BackLED® Plus Square Lens

BackLED S Plus SQ \ BackLED M Plus SQ \ BackLED M Plus SQ HO

BackLED Plus Square Lens

Key Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive Square Ray Technology is precisely matched to the shape of the LED in each module
  • Cuttable, single board chain of LED modules with flexible connection cables
  • The 160° square distribution of the square lens optics deliver a bright, uniform sign face
  • Ideal for signs as shallow as 2" and as deep as 6" with the new High Output (HO) modules
  • Two different sizes and three light outputs enable choosing the ideal product for each application
    • BackLED M Plus SQ HO is available in 3000K, 4000K and 6500K
    • BackLED M Plus SQ is available in 3000K, 4000K, 6500K; red LEDs
    • BackLED S Plus SQ is available in 3000K, 4000K, 6500K; red, green and blue LEDs
  • Fully integrated heat sink
  • IP66 rated to protect against dust, moisture, and condensation in outdoor operation
  • Fast accurate installation is simplified through pre-mounted adhesive tape and mounting holes
  • Optimal operation on OPTOTRONIC® 12VDC and 12VDC dimmable power supplies
  • Single board cuttable chain of LED modules with flexible connection cables
  • Backed by a 7-year system warranty when paired with OPTOTRONIC 12Vdc and 12Vdc dimmable power supplies.


  • Backlighting of small or medium channel letters
  • Backlighting shallow box signs
  • Illuminated advertising

The BackLED Plus Square Lens family has been expanded to include the new BackLED M Plus SQ High Output (HO) versions. These new modules produce 28% more lumens than the BackLED M Plus SQ versions while still delivering an exclusive square beam pattern. This enables sign makers to create even brighter sign faces with exceptional uniformity using a minimum number of modules.

The new BackLED Plus Square Lens family is a revolutionary step forward in the optical performance of LED signage modules. These compact modules were designed to provide unparalleled sign face uniformity in smaller channel letters or box signs. Typical signage module optics deliver a round beam pattern, which works well for the higher light output modules used in larger channel letters. However, when channel letters get smaller and more shallow, modules with round beam patterns need to be mounted closer together so the beam patterns overlap to get a uniform distribution on the sign face. In contrast, the square beam pattern of the Square Lens optics do not need to overlap to deliver a uniform sign face – minimizing the number of modules required to achieve professional results.

With the addition of the new HO family, the Square Lens optics are available in three different light levels of white, ranging from 85 up to 166 lumens per foot. There are two module sizes: the BackLED M Plus SQ and BackLED M Plus SQ HO share the same size, shape and pitch with 2 modules per foot and the smaller BackLED S Plus SQ is shipped in chains with 2.44 modules per foot.

All BackLED Plus modules are optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC 12VDC power supplies, available in both dimming and non-dimming models. These modules are listed in the UL Sign Components Manual (SAM) for new signage installations and are UL Classified for retrofit installations when paired with our OPTOTRONIC power supplies.


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