BoxLED® Plus

LED Chain Signage Modules

BoxLED Plus

Key Features & Benefits

  • Single-sided chain of white linear LED modules
  • Utilizes Flat-Ray Technology for uniform illumination of single-sided signs
  • Cuttable, single board for an exact fit in any installation
  • Fully integrated heat sink
  • IP66 rated to protect against dust, moisture, and condensation in outdoor operation
  • Long life: up to 50,000 hours (L70) minimizing maintenance frequency so long as max TA is below 25°C
  • Simplified installation is achieved with pre-mounted tape and mounting holes; modules can be snapped into the accessory mounting track for use in both new construction or retrofit applications
  • Optimal operation on OPTOTRONIC® 24VDC and 24VDC dimmable power supplies
  • Accessories available to directly retrofit T12HO fluorescent lamps using existing R17d sockets
  • Backed by a 7-year system warranty when paired with OPTOTRONIC 24Vdc and 24Vdc dimmable power supplies


  • Backlighting of single-sided box signs
  • Signage and illuminated advertising
  • Retrofit solution for T12H0 fluorescent lamps

The latest generation of BoxLED Plus LED chain modules are an ideal signage solution to illuminate single-sided box signs in place of traditional fluorescent tubes for new construction and retrofit applications. The modules are available in four color temperatures (3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K) and utilize Flat-Ray Technology for crisp, uniform illumination of signage installations. The BoxLED Plus lighting system ships in 42.8 foot chains consisting of 32 modules each with 6 LEDs. The chain can be cut in-between each module creating a custom fit installation. These modules are IP66 rated creating a seal against dust and moisture. The modules can be mounted directly to the back of the sign or easily snapped into an accessory mounting track for fast, accurate installation.

With this latest generation of the BoxLED Plus products, 50% more modules can be operated using the OPTOTRONIC® OT96W power supply. The BoxLED Plus modules are optimally paired with OPTOTRONIC® 24VDC power supplie available in both dimming and non-dimming models. These modules are listed in the UL Sign Components Manual (SAM) for new signage installations and are UL Classified for retrofit installations.

Track and socket accessories are available to transform the BoxLED Plus modules into a direct retrofit for T12HO fluorescent lamps. The adapter sockets slide onto the ends of the new adapter track enabling the system to fit directly into R17d sockets. The same track and sockets can be used to retrofit any size T12HO up to F96, minimizing the number of SKUs that are required to be stocked.


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