Outdoor Node with DEXAL® Technology

Intelligent wireless lighting controller

Outdoor Node

Key Features & Benefits

  • DC low voltage control node
  • 24V Input (ANSI C137.4): supplied by OTi60W Outdoor Driver with DEXAL Technology
  • Industry standard form factor - ANSI C136.41 (7-pin twist-lock connector)
  • Compatibility with Outdoor 60W Driver with DEXAL Technology which is D4i and DALI Certified
  • Two models available: GPS and nonGPS
  • Surge protection (provided by Outdoor 60W DEXAL Driver)
    • 6kV per ANSI C82.77-5-2015
    • 2kV EFT per 1EC 61000-4-4
  • 2% Revenue grade power metering per ANSI C136.52 (provided by Outdoor 60W DEXAL Driver)
  • One node can connect up to four drivers
  • Operating range: -40°C to +70°C
  • 5-Year Warranty @ Ta - 70°C

Compatibility OSRAM Outdoor OTi60W Driver with DEXAL Technology

System Solution Wireless Street and Area Lighting Control System


  • Cities and municipalities
  • Commercial/industrial
  • Large campuses and universities
  • Utilities

The OSRAM Outdoor Node with DEXAL Technology is a DC powered intelligent wireless lighting controller which provides intelligent on/off switching, dimming control, precise power metering and preventive maintenance monitoring of a luminaire. The outdoor node installs on top of a luminaire via an ANSI C136.41 compliant 7-pin twist-lock connector. Luminaires become smart network nodes that can communicate wirelessly and provide data for a wide range of smart applications using the Outdoor Node with DEXAL interface. The node includes a photocell and comes in a GPS or non GPS option.

Used as a system solution, the Outdoor Node is powered by the OSRAM Outdoor 60W Driver with DEXAL Technology through the 24V auxiliary supply resulting in a reliable and cost-effective solution. The Outdoor DEXAL Driver complies with the latest ANSI and DiiA specifications making it a future-proof lighting control system for cities and municipalities. In addition, it also provides high energy efficiency, flexibility in operation and enables seamless commissioning.

The node can be utilized in a wide variety of outdoor applications including smart cities, street and area lighting, outdoor parking garages, parking lots, public park lighting and large university campuses.