Sensors and Controls

Fixture-integrated components that enable luminaires to integrate into Wireless Light Management Systems

OSRAM offers an array of sensors that are designed to work with the ENCELIUM® EXTEND Networked Light Management System and in some cases, other open market light management systems. Our award winning sensors enable each luminaire to be individually addressable offering greater detail and control as part of a larger networked lighting system. Our sensors are available in 0-10V as well as our OSRAM DEXAL® interface.

The OSRAM DEXAL®, Data Exchange for Advanced Lighting, is a bi-directional, digital dimming interface that combines low-power delivery to fixture peripherals and communication capability on a single secure digital bus. DEXAL provides crucial performance data from within the luminaire via DEXAL enabled nodes and is optimized for the OSRAM SensiLUM® Wireless Integrated Sensor and Connected Lighting Module (CLM).

Integrating the sensors/controls with the OSRAM award-winning OPTOTRONIC® Programmable LED Drivers allows OEMs to take full advantage of system compatibility and maximize performance.

OSRAM offers digital lighting solutions that may qualify for commercial lighting rebates on new construction or retrofit projects. Learn more about commercial lighting incentives and qualifying OSRAM products at