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ULTRA™ LED lighting products (A19, G25, and PAR20)

A voluntary recall has been announced by CPSC that includes certain OSRAM SYLVANIA ULTRA LED lighting products with the following bulb shapes: A19, G25, and PAR20. The bulbs may overheat, resulting in the potential to cause a fire hazard. Please stop using this product immediately.

The model type will appear alone or with the prefix “OSI” referring to OSRAM SYLVANIA. The suspected bulbs are identified by a date code from October 2010 to March 2011 as indicated in the chart below. These codes can be found at the base of the bulb printed in the format “L4810”, for example, which would indicate the 48th week of 2010 (i.e., Nov 29th, 2010).

No other ULTRA LED bulbs are affected by this recall.

If you have the affected ULTRA LED products, you should call the toll free recall line at 1-855-574-2533 for a free replacement. Do not return this product to the store.

At OSRAM SYLVANIA, your safety is important to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this voluntary recall may cause.

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Product Description

Item Number

LED8A/DIMF/83078496, 78642, 78737, 78779
LED8A/DIM/F/82778660, 78731
LED8G25/DIM/F/83078559, 78643, 78736,78780
LED8G25/DIM/F/82778661, 78732, 78851
LED8PAR20/DIM/830/NFL2578493, 78636, 78776
LED8PAR20/DIM/827/FL3678654, 78727

Manufactured between October 4, 2010 and March 18, 2011, bearing the following manufacturing date codes:

L0111 L0611 L1111 L4410 L4910
L0311 L0811L4110L4610L5110
L0411 L0911L4210L4710L5210
L0511 L1011L4310L4810

This voluntary recall is being conducted in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Date code location examples: