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Osram Demonstrates its Dynamic Lighting Solutions on the Las Vegas Strip and Beyond during Live Design International 2019

11.22.2019 | Events

LAS VEGAS – Osram, a global high-tech lighting company, returns to Live Design International (LDI) 2019 to demonstrate its latest lighting technology for entertainment, theater, stage and architectural environments. In addition to the demonstrations at LDI, Traxon e:cue, an Osram business and global leader in dynamic lighting solutions, will host an event at The Paris Hotel to showcase its technology used in the relighting of the Hotel’s Eiffel Tower. Osram, Traxon, Art Centric Lighting, and LED Engin will be located in Booth 1531 at LDI, in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Osram business Claypaky will be nearby at Booths 1447 and 1639.

In the booth, Traxon will introduce products from its newest architectural lighting family, including the ProPoint Linear, Pixel and Wall Washer, launched in Spring 2019. These products, along with the Vista and Sconce, round out the ProPoint family of fixtures. All were developed for building exteriors, and are designed to create excitement by highlighting architectural details.

Osram’s new products and announcements at LDI include:

  • Traxon e:cue will feature a broad range of new and innovative connected lighting solutions, including the below extensions to its ProPoint Family:
    • The ProPoint Linear brings flexibility to graze lighting applications with a variety of output, size and color offerings. Its efficient design allows for easy concealed placement, allowing the architecture to be the focus. Smooth color mixing works seamlessly with other ProPoint family luminaires to deliver limitless possibilities. Available in 1-foot and 4-foot lengths, at 8W or 12W per foot, and comes in three standard finishes: Gray, Black or White.
    • The ProPoint Pixel is a high-brightness, single-pixel luminaire for facade accents, beacon lighting and media applications. RGBW, Dynamic White, and a variety of static colors combine with several diffusion options to create an extensive array of facade lighting possibilities.
    • The ProPoint Wall Washer is an AC line-powered, high-brightness, energy efficient exterior luminaire designed for architectural color-changing facades. The Washer is available in a variety of sizes, colors and outputs, with an aesthetically appealing design making it the perfect solution for building facades, bridges, sports facilities, and more.
  • Osram Entertainment group will showcase:
    • The latest SIRIUS HRI® Lamps are the powerful 550W XL and two long-life models. The 550W XL version delivers unprecedented power for compact moving head fixtures with a very high wattage of 550 W, and at a luminous flux of 23,800 lm, it is one of the brightest reflector lamps on the entertainment market today. The new SIRIUS HRI 230 W PRO and 370 W LL lasts up to 6,000 hours, three times longer than comparable products. The latest-generation integrated control board is available for both systems, enabling future smart modes of operation for longer lifetime and lower maintenance costs.
    • The Lok-it!® 1800W/PS Brilliant is a new member of the Power Series family that provides high lumen output and improved heat management, thanks to a special coating on the lamp press seal area. The “plug-and-play” Lok-it! Power Series consists of versatile discharge lamps, pairing tried-and-trusted high-performance technology with innovative features for entertainment applications. Thanks to higher luminous efficiency than standard HID lamps, they are the ideal lamp for any stage, concert or club, covering everything from theatre performances to dazzling light shows. The optimized filling of the Lok-it! Power Series provides uniform light distribution and reduces the greens often found in metal halide lamps. With an 85 to 95 CRI range, these lamps provide optimal quality of light and render color in a way that looks natural. A ceramic base makes them resistant to high-ignition voltages of up to 35 kV. And with their compact dimensions and short arc gap, the Lok-it! Power Series can be used to realize smaller and brighter solutions.
    • Additionally, the new Lok-it! 1600W/60/P50 lamp with the larger PGJX50 base offers unparalleled performance with a high CRI of >92 and a smaller arc gap of only 5.5 mm. It is one of the highest performance lamps in this design, and an upgrade for 1500W lamps already used in the market.
    • New lamps in the HMI Digital family – HMI Digital 4000W, 9000W and 18000W lamps are perfect for film and studio lighting. HMI Digital is a line of high-performance discharge lamps that ensure every scene remains flicker free and illuminated in high-quality light. Designed for both standard and newer high-speed ballasts, HMI Digital lamps have up to 99.9 percent lower UV emissions and a daytime-like color temperature. HMI Digital lamps are very robust, heat-resistant and offer impressive bright light up to 100 lumens per watt.

Also in the booth, LED Engin will demonstrate its LZ7 Plus, the world’s first 60 W seven-die LED emitter, and LZ7 Plus-based solutions. The emitter features high-power dies in six colors (red, green, blue, lime, amber and cyan) which can be individually controlled to deliver intense, saturated colors, as well as high CRI white light as a result of color mixing. LED Engin’s patented multi-layer ceramic technology allows the dies to be packed closely together, producing a very compact light emitting surface of 3.4 mm x 3.4 mm suitable for creating a narrow beam with secondary optics, while maintaining a low thermal resistance of 0.8 oC/W, allowing heat to be dissipated efficiently. The new LED can be used in various stage fixtures, such as static and moving wash fixtures, as well as profile fixtures.

Finally, Osram Art Centric Lighting, winner of the 2018 LDI Award for Best Debuting Product in the Lighting Fixture category, is displaying the Charmy, Applaud, Admire and Respect: Four unique lighting solutions for art galleries and museums. This collection of compact LED lighting fixtures represents the most effective way to illuminate works of art. The use of LEDs instead of conventional light sources is driven by lower energy consumption, much longer life, lower heat dissipation and the fact that heat is not directed toward the illuminated object. Together with the lack of UV and IR emissions, works of art are much better preserved. Brightness, color temperature and color spectrum can be adjusted precisely for faithfully rendering the original color of the artwork. Optical lenses and beam-shaping devices are much more precise thanks to the low light beam temperature.

These products and more will be featured in the Osram Booth #1531 at LDI. For more information, visit For information on Claypaky, please visit the Claypaky website.

OSRAM Photos

LZ7 Plus Flat Lens Emitter

Below, photo on left: The Lok-it!® 1800W/PS Brilliant is a new member of the Power Series family that provides high lumen output and improved heat management, thanks to a special coating on the lamp press seal area.

Below right: The latest SIRIUS HRI® Lamps are the powerful 550XL and two long-life SIRIUS HRI LL models.

Above, photo on left: LED Engin’s LZ7 Plus, the world’s first 60 W seven-die LED emitter, features high-power dies in six individually controlled colors.

Above right: Traxon’s newest architectural lighting solutions, the ProPoint Family includes (clockwise from top right): ProPoint Vista, ProPoint Linear, ProPoint Sconce, ProPoint Pixel, and previously launched ProPoint Wall Washer.

Lok-it Family Photo
SIRIUS HRI Lamp Family
Las Vegas Monorail

Left: Osram’s Traxon e:cue has completed projects up and down the Las Vegas Strip and beyond. Here is a sample of where you can find Traxon’s products and solutions along South Las Vegas Boulevard: Red Square at Mandalay Bay; Excalibur Casino parking garage; Coca Cola, Showcase Mall; Park Theater lobby (MGM); Louis Vuitton at Crystals; The Eiffel Tower, Paris Hotel; Cromwell Hotel; Mr. Chow at Caesars Palace; Beatles Cirque du Soleil Love Lobby, The Mirage; Kendra Scott and elevators at Fashion Show Mall; and the Sahara Las Vegas. (Image Courtesy of the Las Vegas Monorail)

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Press Contacts

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