OSRAM SYLVANIA Unveils New Lamps and Fixtures at LDI 2015

Combination of Compact Design and High Quality Light Improves Stage Design and Aesthetic


OSRAM SYLVANIA is unveiling a wide range of new cutting-edge lamps and fixtures for entertainment lighting professionals at LDI 2015, a leading global tradeshow and conference for entertainment lighting professionals. New traditional and LED offerings were developed to better meet the needs of lighting professionals by being compact in design and offering high quality, powerful light that brings out the rich colors accurately on stage.

“Light is critical to live design professionals, and OSRAM is dedicated to delivering exceptional light for exceptional performances,” said Mark DeLorenzo, entertainment business manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “Our new lamps and fixtures being shown at LDI 2015 demonstrate our continued commitment to deliver high quality lighting products for the entertainment industry.”

Light is efficient
Created especially for intimate theaters and small stages, the KREIOS Fresnel White, KREIOS Fresnel RGBW, and KREIOS Profile White Fixtures provide flicker-free, exceptional luminosity in an efficient package. With their efficiency, illumination quality, and ease of use, the KREIOS Fresnel and Profile can help lighting professionals deliver an outstanding performance night after night, year after year. Coming soon, these fixtures have an advanced optical system with a linear zoom and are compact and lightweight for easy installation. The LED fixtures use only 80W and offer smooth, flicker-free dimming; adjustable dimming PWM frequency; a classic tungsten dimming simulation; strobe and pulse effects; and simple-to-manage controls with DMX512 or onboard displays. The KREIOS Fresnel White is a versatile and robust fixture that weighs less than 9 lbs. and shows performances in their intended light. With a four-channel mixing system, predefined color macros for color temperatures from 2800K to 6500K, and an emergency function to prevent data loss, the KREIOS Fresnel RGBW brings extra drama to the theater. The multifunctional KREIOS Profile features a dual-optic condenser lens, allowing for precision focus and four adjustable shutters.

Light is tireless
Available now, the KREIOS FLx LED Fixture provides superior illumination in a variety of spaces from catwalks, over the stage, black box theatres, the wings of the stage, or even as a safety light outside the loading dock. It delivers a high luminous intensity equal to 500W tungsten fixtures but by using only 90W, delivering 80 percent energy savings which can translate in lower electricity and ambient cooling costs. The fixture has a 5000 lumen output, warm 3500K color temperature, and high CRI of 92 which helps ensure reliable color rendering of costumes thanks to OSRAM OSLON® LEDs. With a life rating of 40,000 hours (L70), twenty times more life than traditional halogen work light fixtures, the LED flood light also provides significant savings in replacement lamp and labor costs.

Compact, lightweight, and easy to install, the KREIOS FLx also has passive cooling, which makes it completely silent, and the black housing color maintains low visibility when not in use. The diffused glass reduces glare and the fixture delivers no UV/IR emissions, providing for a more comfortable workspace. The IP65 outdoor-rated fixture is also dimmable and includes a gel frame, enabling quick and easy color changes.

Light is brilliant
The new Lok-it!® 1000W/PS Brilliant lamp improves upon the already highly successful Lok-it! HTI® 1000/PS lamp. The new Brilliant design incorporates changes to the lamp base which allows greater cooling at the press seal, and changes to the electrodes and fill components, giving it an extremely stable arc with a super high CRI of 95. When only the very best will do, this new lamp provides an elite, upgrade solution to the dozens of fixture models already using the Lok-it! HTI 1000W/PS lamp. The new Lok-it! 1400W/PS Brilliant lamp has already found a home inside the new Clay Paky Scenius and Spheriscan. Able to be run at both 1400W and 1200W, this new addition to the Lok-it! HTI Power Series of lamps also has a super high CRI of 95, allowing for a full spectrum of deep, saturated colors, while at the same time providing true skin tones with its 6000K daylight-like color temperature.

Light is compact

The SIRIUS HRI® 100W and 440W are two new lamps in the ever expanding SIRIUS HRI family of compact arc reflector lamps. The smallest of the family, the new SIRIUS HRI 100W will be launched in early 2016. The higher powered 440W lamp comes in 440W and 440W S versions, with the “S” representing a shorter focal point for use in fixtures with a more compact optical design. Many new fixtures are already in the market using these new 440W lamps, with more on the way.

About OSRAM SYLVANIA and its North American Display/Optic division

OSRAM SYLVANIA is part of OSRAM Americas, a group of OSRAM companies located in North and South America. As a leader in lighting solutions and services, specializing in innovative design and energy saving technology, the company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles under the brand names OSRAM, Traxon, ENCELIUM and SYLVANIA. The company's portfolio covers the entire value chain of components, ranging from lamps, control units and optical semiconductors such as light-emitting diodes (LED) to luminaires, light management systems and lighting solutions. The OSRAM SYLVANIA and OSRAM Americas regional headquarters is located in Wilmington, Massachusetts. For more information, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

OSRAM Display/Optic is a division of OSRAM GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. This global operating division manufactures discharge, halogen, fluorescent and incandescent lamps worldwide. Also included in the Display/Optic product offering are process heaters, lampholders, LED modules, LED systems and LED luminaires. It produces innovative products to fulfill the needs of very diverse, ever changing and fast moving markets: entertainment, cinema, display, medical, semiconductor, airfield and industrial.

Throughout the world, the Display/Optic division markets its lighting products under the OSRAM brand name. In the North American region, OSRAM Display/Optic is a division of OSRAM SYLVANIA and is headquartered in Exeter, New Hampshire.


OSRAM of Munich, Germany is one of the two leading light manufacturers in the world. The company's portfolio covers the entire value chain from components – including lamps, electronic control gear and opto semiconductors such as light-emitting diodes (LED) – as well as luminaires, light management systems and lighting solutions. OSRAM has around 34,000 employees worldwide and generated revenue of more than €5.1 billion in fiscal 2014 (ended September 30). The company's business activities have been focusing on light – and hence on quality of life – for over 100 years. The company was listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Munich on July 8, 2013 (ISIN: DE000LED4000; WKN: LED 400; Trading symbol: OSR).

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