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At LDI 2018, OSRAM Launches SharXS® Brilliant Lamps Designed to Enhance the Experience of Live Performances and Television

Brilliant lamps have super-high color rendering and wattages of 1000W, 1200W, 1500W

10.16.2018 | Events

Las Vegas, NV – OSRAM, along with its subsidiaries and entertainment lighting brands LED Engin, Claypaky and ADB, will showcase brilliant lighting solutions for television, stage and more at Live Design International, Oct. 19-21, in Las Vegas. Capitalizing on its high CRI metal halide technology, OSRAM’s focus will be on new double-ended lamps for the SharXS® family, the HMI® Digital and HMI Studio series for film and television, and the latest in the highly successful SIRIUS HRI® portfolio. Also shown will be OSRAM’s Lok-it!® Power Series and the KREIOS FLx 90W flood light. LED Engin, an OSRAM business, will launch its new LZ7 Plus emitter, which is the world’s first 50W seven-die LED emitter for use in stage lighting applications. LED Engin will be located in the Osram booth, #1431, at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

“With the new SharXS Brilliant lamps, OSRAM continues to define itself as the global leader for innovation in metal halide technology,” said Mark DeLorenzo, Entertainment Lighting Business Manager, OSRAM North America. “We continue to push the envelope of what is possible, and that is why so many fixture companies are still using traditional light sources so successfully.”

Claypaky, in nearby Booth #1538, will present its wide range of LED-based luminaires and arc-lamp moving heads. OSRAM’s brand ADB, in Booth #1531, will show its range of lights and control systems for theaters and TV studios.

SharXS Brilliant Series
For the past two decades, OSRAM’s double-ended SharXS HTI® lamps have been used in a range of entertainment environments, from stage to television. With their modular design of multiple wattages in the same 136 mm length, they have been extremely popular in moving heads, follow spots, scanners, projectors and color changers. Thanks to the eXtreme Seal (XS) technology for optimal heat resistance, the lamps can endure temperatures of up to 450 °C.

This year at LDI, OSRAM is presenting three new SharXS lamps which OSRAM is calling Brilliant, after its High CRI Lok-it! Power Series lamps of the same name. Like the Lok-it! lamps, the SharXS Brilliant have a super-high color rendering index of 92-94, making them some of the best SharXS lamps ever for television and live performances where accurate skin tones and vivid, true colors are required. The new SharXS Brilliant lamps are available in wattages of 1000W, 1200W, and 1500W.

Even more powerful: The new SIRIUS HRI 550W
OSRAM also will present its North American offering of SIRIUS HRI reflector lamps with particularly high luminance for moving heads. This year the focus is on the new SIRIUS HRI 550W XL. This compact, high-wattage light source is the first lamp in this performance class for use in small, freely mobile multi-function spotlights and is being sold as a two-part system consisting of an electrical ballast and a lamp. Thanks to its high luminance of 28,000 lumens and lifespan of 1,500 hours, the SIRIUS HRI 550W is not just suitable for use in stage lighting, but also at outdoor events and to light up architecture.

LED Engin LZ7 Plus Emitter
LED Engin’s new LZ7 Plus emitter features seven high-power dies in six colors, which can be individually controlled to deliver intense, saturated colors, as well as high quality white light as a result of color mixing. The new LED is built on a 50W package with high-current red, green and blue dies, as well as cyan, two phosphor-converted lime dies and phosphor-converted amber die, closely placed in a low thermal resistance package with an integrated flat glass lens.

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