Osconiq P2226

OSRAM Launches Osconiq Product Family for Professional Lighting Applications

Mid-power LED Osconiq P 2226 for horticultural and architectural lighting marks the first of the new product family


Osram Opto Semiconductors' new Osconiq product line covers professional applications including linear and area lighting, high and low bay lighting and street lighting. Well-known Duris P products used in professional applications will transfer to the new Osconiq line. The first in the new high-performance LED family is Osconiq P 2226, offering impressive versatility thanks to its exceptional robustness, extensive color portfolio and scalable current.

With their high-quality epoxy package, surface-emitting chip and robust silicone, the Osconiq P 2226 is extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. It has the same footprint as the previous Duris P 5 series, 2.2 mm x 2.6 mm x 1.25 mm, which means they are interchangeable and can be integrated into existing systems. The small dimensions of the Osconiq P 2226 allow more LEDs with the same or different colors to be combined in customer applications to achieve optimum homogeneous color mixing results. These features make the LEDs ideal for outdoor applications such as horticultural and architectural lighting, as well as indoor lighting systems, including those installed in restaurants and hotels.

The Osconiq P 2226 is available in the following color versions: “deep blue” (450 nm), “blue” (465 nm), “true green” (525 nm), “yellow” (595 nm) “red” (623 nm), “far-red” (730 nm), and “ultra white” with a color rendering index of at least 60. This mid-power LED offers outstanding performance. For example, the luminous efficacy is 100 lm/W for the “red” version, 27 lm/W for “blue” and 92 lm/W for “true green”. The LEDs are designed to be used in professional indoor and outdoor applications where monochromatic colors are required. The LED also offers an impressively large bandwidth of operating points. If required, it can be operated with a flexible range of currents. While the binning current of 100 mA provides a competitive luminous flux at outstanding efficacy, the Osconiq P 2226 can be driven up to 250 mA when clients need particularly intense light.

"We are very proud to offer our customers an even better and larger selection of components with the new Osconiq family that meet LED requirements for professional lighting applications. Leading the way is our Osconiq P 2226, a great example of an extremely durable and efficient product. We will continue to expand the Osconiq family to cover not only indoor, industrial applications such as high-bay lighting, but also the entire outdoor sector including street, tunnel or area lighting," said Daniel Doxsee, Head of Global Marketing General Lighting at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

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OSRAM, based in Munich, is a globally leading lighting manufacturer with a history dating back about 100 years. The product portfolio includes high-tech applications based on semiconductor technology such as infrared or laser lighting. The products are used in highly diverse applications ranging from virtual reality, autonomous driving or mobile phones to smart and connected lighting solutions in buildings and cities. In automotive lighting, the company is the global market and technology leader. Based on continuing operations (excluding Ledvance), OSRAM had around 24,600 employees worldwide at the end of fiscal 2016 (September 30) and generated revenue of almost €3.8 billion in that fiscal year. The company is listed on the stock exchanges in Frankfurt and Munich (ISIN: DE000LED4000; WKN: LED 400; trading symbol: OSR). Additional information can be found at www.osram.com.