ZELION HL300 Product

New OSRAM Horticulture LED Series of Fixtures Meet the Unique Needs of a Wide Range of Commercial Growing Applications

Energy Saving ZELION HL300 LED Portfolio Offers Full Dimmability with Spectra and Intensity Control.


Wilmington, MA – OSRAM ZELION® HL300 series of fully spectra tunable and dimmable horticulture LED lighting fixtures from OSRAM SYLVANIA will be available mid-July for use in various phases of crop growth. The series, which includes the ZELION HL300 Grow Light, ZELION HL300 Grow White and ZELION HL300 Sunlight, were designed to meet the specific growing needs of commercial greenhouses, garden centers, research facilities and universities. These long-life LED fixtures use superior OSRAM Oslon® LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors that emit light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum (400–700 nm) for optimal plant growth. UL-certified for horticultural lighting and RoHS compliant, the fixtures also offer the highest micromoles per watt compared to similar class LED fixtures.

“With a uniform light distribution that is unparalleled by any other LED horticulture fixture, and by offering features such as tunability and dimmability as standard, we are delivering high-quality horticulture solutions that will enhance our customers’ greenhouses,” said Hossein Aghamehdi, business unit manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA. “Designed to withstand crop production environments, the ZELION HL300 series provide the necessary spectra that plants need for superior photosynthesis and optimum energy savings.”

When evaluating LED solutions, it is important to check on two parameters: the temperature of the LEDs when the fixture is running and the light distribution on your plant canopy. The ZELION HL300 series is equipped with a patented active cooling system that maintains low LED junction temperature ensuring long LED life and uniform spectra over the life of the fixture. In addition, the portfolio is designed with a patent pending optical system providing a uniform light distribution that is unique in the industry. The fixtures are fully dimmable and spectra tunable to meet the crop life cycle needs using PC based (Windows XP or Windows 7) interface software and controllers used to manage green¬house processes. The optimized fixture design makes the fixtures easy to install and provides the smallest shadow footprint compared to similar class LED fixtures. Compared to alternative HPS and MH technologies, the ZELION series provides a savings of up to 50 percent in electricity costs, using only 100 to 600 watts. The ZELION HL300 series is interface-ready with other commercially used greenhouse control systems, and are available through authorized distributors. The series includes:

  • The ZELION HL300 Grow Light, designed for horticulture applications where supplemental lighting is required to enhance crop performance and productivity,
  • The ZELION HL300 Grow White, which has a combination of the Grow and Sunlight fixtures' spec¬trum, and is used in climate chambers where a higher photosyn¬thetic activity is required or by growers requiring supplemental light where color recognition and rapid, healthy growth are key factors, and
  • The ZELION HL300 Sunlight, which is recommended for growth chamber applications where natural light is important or for supplemental lighting where color recognition is important, such as in a garden center. To accommodate an increasing demand from plant researchers to garden centers, a spectrum was designed to closely match the light coming from the sun.

OSRAM ZELION® HL300 Series of Fully Spectra Tunable and Dimmable Horticulture LED lighting fixtures

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