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LED Engin Helps Local Artist Light the San Francisco Skyline

Acclaimed artist Jim Campbell uses San Jose-based company’s LED technology to create tallest public art installation in the U.S. atop new Salesforce Tower

06.05.2018 | Products

SAN JOSE, CA - The Salesforce Tower, the tallest building in San Francisco and the center of the city’s skyline, has recently become a permanent public work of art, showcasing the artistry of local talent Jim Campbell. The light installation, which Campbell calls Day for Night, was unveiled on May 22. Well-known for dramatizing sculptures and outdoor art exhibits by incorporating lighting elements into his creations, Campbell has strategically placed cameras around the city to capture unique movements, such as weather patterns and the migrations of birds, which are compiled into a daily visual diary. At night, LED Engin’s LZ4 RGBW (LZ4-04MDC9-0000) is used to project the movements from the visual diary onto the circular six-story crown of the Salesforce Tower offering an astounding sight for viewers as far as Marin and Berkeley.

“Over the past four years we’ve been working with Jim to provide the right lighting solutions for various art projects,” said David Tahmassebi, CEO, LED Engin. “Based in the San Francisco Bay area ourselves, we’re particularly excited that he selected our LZ4 RGBW flat lens emitters to help create his Day for Night installation as it is a unique work of art that our local community will get to enjoy on a daily basis.”

Commonly used for architectural and entertainment lighting, the LZ4 RGBW flat lens emitter combines red, green, blue and daylight white LED dies closely packed in a low thermal resistance package with integrated flat glass window. The emitter offers users a wide range of colors, and the flat lens works well with projection options. Compared to competitors, the ceramic package and glass lens provide an advantage in quality as they help to minimize thermal stress, resulting in a longer lasting display.

“When designing this installation, LED Engin’s LZ4 RGBW flat lens emitters allowed me to project images of daily recordings back onto the Salesforce Tower using over 11,000 programmable pixels. What is unique about this installation is that the light from the LZ4 LEDs is reflected off of the building instead of shining directly out. This allows for a softer image,” said Jim Campbell, artist.

“Jim’s vision is dynamic, timeless and multi-layered. He is a pioneer in the use of computer technology as an art form and his artwork will be a landmark piece that will draw attention to the Salesforce Tower as a catalytic destination for innovation and creativity. Our entire team is committed to realizing Jim’s vision, knowing that this will enhance our iconic building, the city of San Francisco and the experience of all our tenants. We are pleased to be working with an artist of his stature who is also a San Francisco resident,” said Bob Pester, Executive Vice President, Boston Properties.

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