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OSRAM Installs Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems in Many Tennessee State Facilities, Including WRS Tennessee Tower, Supreme Court

William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower portico will be illuminated for first time in 30 years


WILMINGTON, MA – OSRAM, a global high-tech lighting company, today announced a series of projects to install new energy-efficient lighting systems in government buildings throughout the state of Tennessee, including many of the state’s largest, most recognizable and most historic offices and agency sites. Partnering with OSRAM’s Sylvania Lighting Solutions, the state of Tennessee anticipates reducing lighting consumption by 60 percent to 80 percent, lowering some of the state’s individual building energy and electric bills by up to 28 percent. In a building with no central energy plant, lighting can account for up to 40 percent of the building’s electric bill.

“Like many historic state buildings throughout the country, these building systems are aging, so facility managers are turning to advanced, energy-efficient lighting as a way to upgrade their facilities to enhance employee productivity and comfort while dramatically reducing costs,” said Rich Hunter, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for OSRAM’s Sylvania Lighting Solutions. “We’re thrilled to be part of such an expansive project that will deliver meaningful results for the residents of Tennessee and help bring such historical and iconic buildings into the modern age.”

The first of the eight projects, the William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower in Nashville, is already underway and is expected to be complete in June. The Tennessee Tower is the largest publicly owned building in the state, with 30 floors and more than 2,100 occupants. Typically set at 30 percent of light output capacity, the new lighting control system will provide flexibility for tenants’ light level needs. Additionally, the system will utilize daylight harvesting and occupancy sensors, providing even more savings as the lighting will dim as appropriate when natural light is available, and dim to 5 percent when the sensors detect that a room is unoccupied.

The Tennessee Tower project includes 10,200 new LED fixtures and 1,300 LED retrofits that will create a streamlined, modern look and will provide a work zone that can be adjusted for the current use of the space providing great flexibility for tenant modifications. Additionally, the building’s portico, which has been dark for more than 30 years, will once again be illuminated, showcasing the grandeur of the building’s Travertine marble structure, a staple in the city’s skyline.

The team of designers and engineers at Sylvania Lighting Solutions is working closely with the Capital Projects Group in the State of Tennessee Real Estate Management (STREAM) division to customize solutions for each site in order to provide lighting that meets the needs of the space and its occupants and delivers the desired return on investment. Another important aspect of the project is ensuring that the integrity and aesthetics of each space is maintained, particularly in the state’s historic buildings such as the Supreme Court, which is on the National Register of Historic Places.

“We in state government are here to provide citizens with the best service at the lowest possible cost,” said Bob Oglesby, commissioner of the Tennessee Department of General Services, which includes STREAM. “We are pleased that innovative efforts such as this lighting project will be upgrading our facilities while reducing the cost of government.”

The Tennessee Tower lighting installation is one of numerous modernization projects the state is undergoing to update its facilities and save taxpayers money. Other Osram-led projects include:

  • Tennessee Supreme Court in Nashville, a four-story site listed on the National Register of Historic Places, will receive an LED lighting retrofit to maintain the historic nature of the existing light fixtures and provide advanced wireless controls.
  • Volunteer Training Site in Smyrna, the Command for Tennessee National Guard military training, has been updated with solar parking canopies at three sites on the post.
  • The Major General Hugh B. Mott Tennessee National Guard Headquarters in Nashville, a four-story, 129,000+ square foot concrete frame building with upgraded and expanded office space for the Tennessee Army National Guard and the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency, has been updated with two variable speed drives to control water pumps, allowing the facility manager to control pump speed which will ultimately reduce water consumption and electrical cost.
  • National Guard Readiness Centers in Erwin, Jackson and Henderson, which perform operational and technical functions to ensure combat readiness, will be retrofitted with new LED technology at all three sites.
  • Tennessee Department of Correction/Turney Industrial Complex, located in Only, is a medium-security prison and rehabilitation facility. It will be updated with an LED lighting retrofit.
  • The Tennessee Fire Services and Codes Enforcement Academy in Bell Buckle is a sophisticated statewide education and training facility that will be upgrading to new LED fixtures, advanced lighting controls including power metering.
  • East Tennessee Regional Health Office in Knoxville, which promotes the health and prosperity of the people of Tennessee, will receive new LED lighting fixtures with fire shields, local lighting controls and a new power meter by which energy usage can be monitored remotely.

OSRAM’s Sylvania Lighting Solutions is setting new standards for innovation in professional lighting for a sustainable and energy-efficient world. For more information, please visit

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