OSRAM SYLVANIA Awards Two Community Theatres with New KREIOS FLx LED Fixtures

Neighborhood Centers of the Arts to Benefit from Beautiful Light from Long Life OSRAM LED Work Light Fixtures

03.07.2016 | Professional and Industrial Applications

Wilmington, MA – At LDI 2015, OSRAM SYLVANIA launched the "Let KREIOS® Light Your Stage" Contest to reward two theatres in the USA with twelve OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED fixtures each to illuminate their playhouses with high quality light. After a lengthy process of reviewing the entries talking about how their organizations could benefit from the long life LED fixtures, Masquers Theater in Soap Lake, Washington and Schenectady Light Opera Company (SLOC) in Schenectady, New York were selected as winners.

“It was extremely difficult to pick only two winners because so many wonderful organizations entered, demonstrating either great creativity or need in their entry. In the end, we felt Masquers Theater and Schenectady Light Opera Company rose to the top when it came to demonstrating both creativity and need,” said Mark DeLorenzo, entertainment business manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA.

Considering our slim budget, we often need to get by with less,” said Clifford Biesee, president, Masquers Theater. “It is hard for our crews to see what they are working on with our existing row of fluorescent lights at the back of the stage. They don’t like using the spotlights as work lights because they use a lot of energy and those high wattage lights have a short lifespan, which increases the risk of one burning out in the middle of a performance. Those problems are solved thanks to winning the OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED Fixtures. We are so thrilled to have the latest in LED lighting to help us deliver to our audiences a sense of delight that will keep them coming back.”

“Ticket sales cover our production costs and the basic costs to run the theater. However, the company continues to remain only one major unexpected repair away from not meeting its financial commitments,” said Michael Bellotti, fundraising and development leader, Schenectady Light Opera Company. “As a result, we have been unable to invest in our technical areas of lighting and sound in a way that can elevate the theatrical experience in line with our mission. We are embarking on our 90th season this year and winning the OSRAM KREIOS FLx LED fixtures and being able to improve our lighting makes this anniversary even more special.”