Osram and Somfy Create Unified Experience for Managing Natural and Artificial Light

The partnership between Osram and Somfy combines lighting and shading to improve the lighting management experience.

03.05.2020 | Special Topic

BOSTON - Osram, a global high-tech lighting company, and Somfy Systems, Inc., the world’s largest manufacturer of tubular motors for interior window coverings and exterior solar protections, are teaming up to provide solutions that allow natural and artificial light to work better together in building environments.

Osram’s Encelium® networked lighting management system and Somfy’s automated shading solutions work together to create a more seamless user experience for light management. The combination of Osram Encelium and Somfy Digital Network® (SDN) creates a centralized interface for facility managers and streamlines the light management process. This unified control experience makes it simple to maximize the combination of natural and artificial light.

“Somfy is proud to partner with Osram to simplify lighting management,” said David Parrett, Lighting and Partnerships Business Development Manager for Somfy North America. “Introducing one system for both automated shading and lighting management creates smarter buildings.”

In the past, automated shading and lighting management systems were deployed separately. This led to a confusing user experience, hindered efficiency and was difficult to maintain. Lighting and shading required separate programming, separate maintenance and even separate wall stations. With the Somfy and Osram partnership, these two essential building functions are now joined together in one system.

“Controlling natural and artificial lighting in one environment enhances occupant comfort, streamlines building management and optimizes energy performance,” said Osram Product Manager Amit Parpani. “Now, lighting and shades can both be controlled from one unified wall station or touchscreen.”

This centralized control is easy to install and simple to use. A single dashboard allows users to manage and configure their lights and shades for seamless scheduling. Now building managers can schedule around office hours, holiday schedules, and even astronomical events like sunrise and sunset. Consolidated control saves time for facility managers and improves energy efficiency for projects of all sizes.

“We’re excited our automated shades can now integrate simply with artificial lighting,” said Parrett. “Combining these two lighting sources allows building managers to improve occupant comfort and save energy.”

Learn more about Somfy-powered motorized solutions at www.somfysystems.com/commercial. To learn more about the Encelium Light Management System from OSRAM, please visit www.encelium.com.

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