Harry Waterhouse

The Light Shift with Harry Waterhouse: OSRAM SYLVANIA Supervisor

For this Hillsboro plant production supervisor, work/life balance just takes a little light.


Working second shift is definitely not for everyone, but for Harry Waterhouse it’s a perfect blend between dedicating time to family and hobbies, and working a job he enjoys with people he loves. Harry is a second shift production supervisor at OSRAM SYLVANIA in Hillsboro, NH – the very plant that makes the headlights that help him get home safely each night. Here’s how Harry’s Light Shift helps keep the rest of the world moving forward.

“Since my work day is from 2 p.m. to midnight, I spend half my commute driving in the dark. My drive isn’t long, but it does take me on some windy back roads. Add in typical northeast winter conditions and having the best visibility when driving at night is paramount. With SYLVANIA SilverStar® ULTRA headlights in my truck, I get great peripheral visibility. I can see down the roadway and have plenty of notice when that deer jumps in front of me.

In the winter months, my commute isn’t the only nighttime driving I do. At OSRAM SYLVANIA, I am responsible for monitoring the parking lots and calling the plow contractors to make sure employees are able to easily exit after their shift, and the next shift can make it in. Headlights are crucial to this role as I shine my lights to gauge the iciness of the pavement and the amount of snowfall. Then, when the contractors do come, I facilitate the movement of vehicles from lot to lot so the snow can be removed.

Automotive lighting plays a large role in my life. At work I am surrounded by headlight bulbs, but when I am driving home each day in the early morning hours, I am reminded of how important it is to have the best visibility possible. My headlights, ones I’ve even had the pleasure of helping make, have kept me safe at work and on the road.”