Oslon Compact PL

The ceramic-based Oslon Compact PL can be operated at high currents and achieve high light output thanks to the new thermal pad.

OSRAM's new, versatile LED works in headlights for every vehicle class

Oslon Compact PL combines new chip technology with excellent thermal properties

01.02.2018 | Products

Sunnyvale, CA – OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has added the Oslon Compact PL to its portfolio of products for the automotive sector. Designed primarily for vehicle headlights, the LED can be used in adaptive, glare-free high beams; daytime running lights; low beams; and standard high beam lighting. This comprehensive LED combines improved design with low system costs, making it suitable for a wide variety of vehicle classes and a broad spectrum of customers. The Oslon Compact PL will be on display in OSRAM booth #3115 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES, Jan. 9-12, 2018.

A ceramic-based LED, the Oslon Compact PL is particularly impressive due to its thermal behavior and its electrically insulated thermal pad. In combination with appropriate Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology, the Oslon Compact PL can be operated at high currents and achieve high light output.

The portfolio consists of the Oslon Compact CL, which is available as a single-chip, and now, the Oslon Compact PL as a multi-chip version with up to five chips. Equipped with notchless UX:3 chip technology, the new LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offer excellent thermal conductivity. This thermal behavior is a result of the square emission surface of the notchless chips, which also makes contacting and the optical design much simpler. The high luminous flux of the Oslon Compact PL provides improved brightness values over halogen applications. A luminous flux of 1,000 lumens can be achieved with one Oslon Compact PL 3 chip.

“The announcement of the Oslon Compact PL allows OSRAM Opto Semiconductors to bring broader, innovative offerings to our automotive customers,” said Sam Cribari, Automotive Marketing Manager. “We’re constantly looking at new ways to improve the lighting technology in headlights, and these powerful ceramic-based LEDs feature an electrically isolated thermal pad that benefits our customers’ designs.”

The ceramic package of the Oslon Compact PL with its robust material properties improves handling and reliability. OSRAM’s own binning method is used to develop the LED, which makes further increases in brightness available to customers in short intervals of time. Therefore, the design of the components can be optimized and adapted to cater to higher minimum brightness values or specific thresholds.

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