Experience #TheNewOSRAM
at HUBweek

HUBweek 2018

Where Art, Science, and Technology Collide

City Hall Plaza | Boston, MA | October 8-14, 2018

Every year, innovators from all around the world and from every industry flock to the Boston area. At HUBweek, these worlds literally collide. A giant meet-up welcoming impact-oriented artists, academics, entrepreneurs, researchers, executives, and up-and-comers, HUBweek brings together the curious, those building our future. And this year, OSRAM is an event sponsor.

We hope you will visit us to learn about #TheNewOSRAM, where we use light to guide mobility and logistics, to increase safety and security, to connect people and devices, and to improve well-being and health. Come experience all that OSRAM has to offer, including an in depth look into some of our latest technologies in Horticulture and Human Centric Lighting.


Light for a Better World

At OSRAM we turn light into more than just illumination. We use the almost endless possiblities of light to improve quality of life, enabling people all over the world to see, communicate, travel, and live better through our innovations.

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Speaking Sessions

Technology & Human Performance
Center State, The HUB
Wednesday, October 10 - 2:30pm

Join Lori Brock (OSRAM Innovations) to learn about the wide-ranging impacts of new technologies on our physical health and performance.

The Benefits of Human Centric Lighting at Work
Media Stage, The HUB
Wednesday, October 10 - 3:30pm

Join Jose Ramos (OSRAM Innovations) and Bill Jacobson (Workbar) to hear about the importance of human centric lighting applications in office environments.