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Experience the future of light.

OSRAM is continuing its transformation into a high-tech company, and at CES 2018, we will demonstrate our influence as an innovator, trendsetter and technology leader in Lighting.

We invite CES 2018 visitors to come along for the ride. They will experience where our journey into the future of visible and invisible lighting, particularly in the automotive market, is taking us, and where it will take the drivers and passengers of tomorrow.

North Hall, Booth #3115 - Las Vegas, January 9-12

For more than 110 years, OSRAM has been reinventing light and today we are driving that reinvention even further.

In OSRAM’s CES virtual reality experience, visitors will see many of the solutions that OSRAM provides to enhance people’s lives by showing how to connect smart cities, to enhance well-being with horticulture and entertainment lighting, to enhance security with light using iris scan and facial recognition in smart phones, to increasing safety with automotive exterior lighting that assists both drivers and others sharing the road.

Spanning the full spectrum of visible and invisible light, guests will be immersed in how a car sees the world through LiDAR technology enabling vehicles to analyze their surroundings; see headlight technologies that not only illuminate the road ahead, but provide advanced warning to drivers, increasing safety; and experience biometric technology that senses when a driver is drowsy, distracted or is suffering a health emergency.

Products from Virtual Reality Experience

Autonomous Driving - LIDAR

Experience Autonomous Driving

Learn how autonomous vehicles see the world

LIDAR is like having x-ray vision – it scans the environment, even during daylight hours, allowing a car to understand its surroundings. The sensing system detects objects and obstacles, seeing potential dangers before you, ensuring a safe ride for all.

Headlight of the Future

Experience the Headlight of the Future

Learn how smart adaptive headlights work

Most recently, advancements in both resolution and communication have allowed for improvements in headlight technology. Increasing the resolution of the headlight allows for greater control over the light beam, preventing glare or dazzle in the eyes of oncoming drivers by simply turning off that portion of light, while still safely illuminating the driver’s car and surroundings. Higher resolution headlights also provide the ability to communicate with projections on streets, physically displaying words and graphics to all road sharers, including letting pedestrians know when it is safe to cross.

Smart Interiors

Experience Smart Interiors

Learn how flexible interior lighting can improve your driving and riding experience

LED lighting in cars is attractive, refreshing and provides an appealing contemporary touch. Thanks to LEDs, drivers can design their own personal atmosphere within their car. There are two ways to control the ambient lighting – choose a color to perhaps enhance your mood or let the car decide on colors based on driving needs, such as changing when entering a tunnel.

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