Carrier Routing

Carrier Routing Instructions, Guidelines and Approved Carriers

The following instructions apply to all inbound orders and are to be follow by all suppliers unless otherwise directed differently by the ordering OSRAM SYLVANIA location.


  • Unless otherwise directed by the buying location, DO NOT declare an insurance value for carriage.
  • Reference the buying location's Purchase Order Number on all shipping documentation.
  • Routing may change without notice – Supplier is responsible to verify current routings before arranging shipment.
  • OSRAM Sylvania will not accept or pay freight charges, handling charges or miscellaneous charges on invoices unless pre-approved in writing by OSRAM Sylvania.
  • Suppliers with contracts that include pre-approved freight are exempt from this instructions.

Information of carriers, including carrier name, carrier code and state to state routing matrix.

Note: For any shipment over 19,000 pounds or more than 20 pallets please contact the ordering plant for carrier instructions.
All parcel shipments are to be charged to the buying location's account. Please contact that location for proper carrier and account information.

All truck shipments are to be routed on a "Third Party Collect" basis as follows:

c/o Cass Information Systems, Inc.
P.O. Box 67
St. Louis, MO. 63166-0067

Download the State-to-State Routing Matrix

Ocean carrier information and international air carrier information.

Ocean Carrier Information​

  • Contact ocean freight forwarder per the Origin-Mode Matrix. Please note full container and less than full container load forwarder may be different.
  • Import Security Filing (ISF) 10+2 data must be filed 48 hours before lading on the ship. The ISF information must be emailed to the forwarders agent. Failure to provide the ISF detail can result in shipments being delayed or fines.
  • Please review the Template for the ISF Information, instructions and complete all information to eliminate delays. If you have any questions please contact your OSRAM SYLVANIA buyer.
  • Send copies of the Commercial Invoice, Packing Slip and Bill of Lading to the Forwarder’s agent and the OSRAM SYLVANIA Customs Broker. The Customs Broker is DHL Global Forwarding. The email address is
  • The House Bill of Lading must reference the following notify party:
    DHL Global Forwarding
    4000 Redondo Beach Ave, Suite 103
    Redondo Beach CA 90245
    Phone: 310 297-4400
Origin-Mode Matrix Template for the ISF Information

International Air Carrier Information​

  • Inbound air shipment from Europe and Asia that is less than 100 KGS must be shipped DHL Express. Contact the buying location for account number.
  • Air shipment greater than 100 KGS from Europe and Asia please use the air freight forwarder as listed per origin - mode matrix.
  • Send copies of the Commercial Invoice, Packing Slip and Bill of lading to the Forwarder’s agent and the OSRAM SYLVANIA Customers Broker. The Customs Broker is DHL Global Forwarding. The email address is