Photonics is the key technology of the information age

Photonics – technology that uses light – is at the center of everything we do

Photonics is THE key technology of the information age and the cornerstone for OSRAM.​ Through the creation and manipulation of visible and invisible light, we are improving and simplifying the quality of living in four areas of expertise: Mobility, Safety & Security, Connection, Health & Well-Being.

Applications and products that run on light have a number of advantages. For example, its signal travels faster than electrons.​ A photon is more precise and versatile than anything we know. So, we can make our technologies faster, more energy efficient, smaller, and more affordable.

What is photonics?

All electromagnetic radiation consists of photons: e.g. radio waves, X-rays or the light visible to our eyes. Thus, a photon is like a particle of light. Photonics deals with the transmission, processing and storage of information, that is based on the interaction of light signals. For example, certain applications allow data to be transferred into light and vice versa.​

In principle, photonic applications use light particles (photons) in the same way that electronic applications use electrons. The difference is: light has special characteristics. For example, it enables maximum performance, strong focusability or short pulses. And nothing is faster than the speed of light, including than electrons. Due to these advantages, photonics helps to develop technologies that are faster, smaller, smarter and more energy efficient.

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